Nombre de la Empresa:DEMO, S.A.
A Que se dedica la empresa:Tiene como objeto principal prestar servicios de construcción de todo tipo de obras civiles
Servicios que le prestamos:Transporte de Materiales de Construccion

Who we are?

DEMO S.A.’s main goal is to provide construction services for all types of civil works, including the construction of buildings, real estate developments, urban planning, roads, infrastructure, marines, hydraulic and hydro structures, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, foundations, earthmoving works, demolitions, renovations, and refurbishment works.

DEMO S.A. works with both the public and the private sector. DEMO S.A.’s capabilities include A) construction works for the oil industry, including service stations, pumping, injection and compression, B) the treatment of solid waste, industrial warehouses, military works, C) tourism developments, and D) real estate developments in general.

DEMO S.A. has been also in the business of whole selling building materials, directly or indirectly through a subsidiary or a related company. In general, the company may exercise any legitimate commercial activity accordance with the law.